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4 days 100% American Tribal Style®



4 days 100% FCBD®


Anita Lalwani & Kae Montgomery


20 hours workshops

A masterclass

1 show


14, 15, 16 and 17 may 2015







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FatChance BellyDance® are back Toulouse

4 days dedicated to American Tribal Style® only!!!!


- 4 days to discover, learn and go into ATS® in depth.

- 4 days to meet again the ATS® community in France, and share our passion.

- Anita Lalwani, our "godmother" in France, and Kae Montgomery


- 18 hours graduate workshops, for all levels.

- EXCLUSIVITY "Back to the Roots" : a 6 hours MasterClass, with a participation at the final show

- A professional show

- Private lessons with a choice of  4 teachers : Anita Lalwani, Kae Montgomery (FCBD) and Julie de Saint Blanquat, Gudrun Herold (European SisterStudio)


So, make your registrations and don't miss FatChance Bellydance® in Toulouse!!!!!






Friday 15 may : Back to Basics!!!!


- 10am/noon : "Forever Beginner (ATS® Fundamentals)"

Posture is the doorway into the heart of your inner dancer.  Having an open mind and returning to the ATS® core vocabulary will help you polish your technique and develop insight into the importance of ATS® posture.  


- 1pm/3pm : "Attention to Location (All about ATS® Formations)"

Understand your relationship to the other dancers in your tribe as you seamlessly ebb and flow through the shapes we create through ATS® formations.  Identify your own spatial difficulties and learn strategies for staying alert to changes in formation as you dance.  


- 3.30pm/5.30pm : "Zillin' with Precision"

Learn and drill the different zil patterns used to accompany ATS® steps.  



- Up Up Down Down Down

- Push Forward Push Back

- Double Back




Saturday 16 may : High Precision Moves!!!!


- 10am/noon : "Levels and drops"

 Open to all levels of dancers. The stunning contrast of floating and dramatic accents with levels and drops. This is a taxeem moves workshop that focuses on isolation technique and includes a core strength warm up.  Hone in on the beauty, grace and strength of ATS® to create exciting performances.


- 1pm/3pm : "Energy in the Hip!"

Re-sculpt your posture and steps with drills to get more pep in your step and bounce in your hip. Get more grounded in your Ghawazee Shimmy Combo, find balance in your Arabic Orbits, shake from shoulder to tailbone with the Wet Dog!, and contain your Single Bump Half Turn so that you look like you are spinning!  Be prepared to dance- this class will be cardio intensive!  


- 3.30pm / 5.30pm : "Anchor & Release:  Slow Turns and Spins"

In this class, we will apply the 'anchor & release' concept to slow specialty turns and fast spins.  Notice how we gather, build and release energy in Sahra, wraparound, and barrel turns.  Stay 'anchored' to your vertical axis or imaginary 'pole' and you too will execute flawless turns and spins. 




Sunday 17 may : Challenging!!!


- 10am / noon : "Shifting Shapes"

Fading and circling are both ways to change the lead but as dancers, we don't want to broadcast this information to the audience.   Learn how to seamlessly fade and circle up while still presenting the 'dance' so that even when you are transitioning from one leader/group to the next, you still look like you are dancing.  Learn to troubleshoot issues that arise when the tribe is dancing in a circle, such as body angle, determining who the leader is, and what happens when 2 people take the lead at the same time.


- 1pm/3pm : "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something ATS®"

Explore new steps contributed by our Sister Studios and practice and drill the steps while using the brilliant and intricate FCBD® Dueling Duet formation!  We'll look at the steps and combos through the ATS® filter and you'll understand the artistry and logic of creating a new step.  Slow steps include: Pulse Turn; Double Rainbow; Medusa (ATS® and Indian versions); and Loco Camel.  Fast steps include:  Egyptian Three Quarter Turn; Egyptian Sevillanas, Push Forward Push Back, Box Step, and Alabama Twister.  


- 3.30pm/5.30pm :"Balancing"

- Headwraps

- Baskets and Swords

- Rules while Balancing

- Modifying Moves for Balancing

- Floorwork while balancing




- 1 workshop=36 euros

- Full Pass (18 hours workshops)=255 euros







Espace Roguet

9, rue de Gascogne

31300 Toulouse


Métro : Line A, Stop : "République" or "Patte d'Oie"

Bus : N°1, 3, 14, 66 - Stop "Saint-Cyprien République"

N° 14,66 - Stop "Patte d'Oie"

N° 45 -  Stop "Roguet"





Thursday 14 may : 10am / 5pm




For the first time in France, FCBD® teachers developped a 6 hoursmasterclass for advanced and professional dancers.

6 intensives hours with the same dancers group (15 persons maximum) working on technics, concepts and interpretation.

1 goal : an ephemeral tribe on "Back to the Roots" stage saturday 16 may!!!!.

Don't miss this unique chance to go into ATS® in depth with the most recommended teachers in ATS®, the FCBD® themselves!!!



MasterClass Description


In this 6 hour master class, we will teach you how to prepare a great ATS® performance.  Learn the creative process by diving right into it.  You will learn how to build a set using musicality and common sense to make an exciting presentation.  Learn practical tools to help you create an atmosphere of beauty elegance and excitement at your next presentation.  Special focus on combinations  that challenge your spatial sense and clean transitions between the steps.  



Schedules : thursday 14 may 2015 from 10am to 5pm (break for lunch : one hour)


Obligation to be present during the 6 hours. No exception.


Possibility to present a video of your ATS® performance, to have constructive, professional and helpful feedback with FCBD® and the masterclass group.


Creation of an ephemeral tribe and preparation of an ATS® performance. This ephemeral tribe will be on Back to the Roots stage saturday 16 may. You will need a specific costume, colors and specificities will be defined after registration.


FEES : 155 euros for 6 hours








Espace Roguet

9, rue de Gascogne

31300 Toulouse


Métro : Line A, Stop : "République" or "Patte d'Oie"

Bus : N°1, 3, 14, 66 - Stop "Saint-Cyprien République"

N° 14,66 - Stop "Patte d'Oie"

N° 45 -  Stop "Roguet"







Saturday 16 may 2015



Dancers, musicians, World Traditional Dances, BellyDance, American Tribal Style®, Tribal Fusion BellyDance,...


A program show "concocted" by ourselves, attractive and explosive, with our guests :

- Anita & Kae FCBD®

- Gudrun Herold (SisterStudio / Germany))

- Julie de Saint Blanquat (SisterStudio / Paris)

- Ephemeral Tribe "Back to the Roots" MasterClass

- Ephemeral Tribe "Back to the Roots" Regular Class


Stay tuned to know the other dancers!!!


Fees : 15 euros / 12 euros


Venue Location :

Université Jean Jaurès

La Scène de la Fabrique

5, allée Antonio Machado

31100 Toulouse


Metro : Line A, Stop "Université"

Bus n° 14, Stop "Mirail Université"


Reservation :





Private Lessons


This year, you can have a chance to make the most of one-to-one lessons.

And you will have the choice between 4 teachers


- private lessons with Anita and/or Kae, FCBD teachers, the wednesday 13 of may from between 11am to 5pm, and the monday 18 of may, between 10am to 5pm

- private lessons with Julie de Saint Blanquat (SisterStudio Paris) and/or Gudrun Herold (SisterStudio Germany), from thursday 14 of may to sunday 17 of may, between 11am to 5pm.


Informations (location, rates and schedule disponibility) and registrations, send a message to : 









Workshops Location


Espace Roguet

9, rue de Gascogne

31300 Toulouse


Map : click on


Metro :

Line A, Stop "République" or "Patte d'Oie"

Bus :

N°1, 3, 14, 66 - Stop "Saint-Cyprien"

N° 14,66 - Stop "Patte d'Oie"

N° 45 -  Stop "Roguet"

Where to sleep??


The Nearest

Apparthotel Adagio : click on


Hotel Gascogne : click on


La Ciutat Rosa : click on


Garden Hotel : click on


Special low budget !!

Hotel des Jardins : click on



MasterClass Location


Espace Roguet

9, rue de Gascogne

31300 Toulouse


Map : click on


Metro :

Line A, Stop "République" or "Patte d'Oie"

Bus :

N°1, 3, 14, 66 - Stop "Saint-Cyprien"

N° 14,66 - Stop "Patte d'Oie"

N° 45 -  Stop "Roguet"



MasterClass Admission Informations


- ATS® regular practice since 2 years at least


- Have a thorough knowledge of classic and mordern ATS® moves


- Have a thourough knowledge of a tribe organization


- Before your registration, please, send us a liittle descriptive of your ATS® experience here :


Venue Location


La Scène de la Fabrique

Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès

5, allée Antonio Machado

31100 Toulouse


Map : click on



Ligne A, Stop "Université"


n° 14, Stop "Mirail Université"

Taking part in the show


If you want to take part in Back to the Roots Show, you can make an artistic proposition in these styles :


- World traditional dannces

- BellyDance

- American Tribal Style®

- Tribal Fusion BellyDance


To receive an inscription file, send us an email :


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