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4 days 100% American Tribal Style®



4 days 100% FCBD®



Anita Lalwani and Kae Montgomery



19.5 hours workshops

1 show



29, 30, 31 of may et 1st of june 2014






Thursday, 29 May: "Establish the Basics"


- 1.30pm/3.30pm :

FUNDAMENTALS : "Let's Start on the Same Page!"  (Technique and Drills)

Using fun combinations, learn and polish the basic movements and their basic technique from the ATS® vocabulary. 

Slow moves include  Taxeem, Bodywave, Hand Floreo, Arm Undulation, Torso Twist and Circle Step. 

Fast moves include Shimmy, Arabic, Egyptian and Pivot Bump. 

While this class is an excellent introduction for those that are new to the tribal vocabulary, more experienced dancers can benefit immensely from Fundamentals.  These steps provide the building blocks for the more advanced ATS® vocabulary and it is always instructive to re-acquaint yourself with your basics, your head position, your eye position, and your angles.  In this class, we will limit ourselves to these supposedly 'basic' steps, drill them, and make sure that we are executing these steps correctly.


- 4pm/6pm :

FORMATIONS : "Perfect Formations for Any Location" (Technique and Drills)

Adjust your formations for any given location. Learn how to communicate clearly with your audience and sister dancers. 

Drill formations including: Duets, Trios, Quartets, Diagonals

And if time permits, Dueling Duets, Circling, Flipping the Lead, and Cafe Format. 

Review chorus formation and etiquette. 

Learn how to deal with real performance situations. 

Dancers should know Taxeem, Bodywave, Hand Floreo and Arm Undulations, Shimmy, Arabic, Egyptian, Pivot Bumps


Friday, 30 May : "Drill Formations"


- 1.30pm/3.30pm :


Trios and quartets are ideal for presenting Turkish Shimmy with Arms and Turns and Arabic Shimmy with Arms and Turns.  In this dance intensive workshop, we will clean our technique and drill the TSWAAT and ASWAAT using the trio and quartet formations.


- 4pm/6pm :

EMPHASIS ON DUETS : "Elegantly Passing and Moving Around Your Partner" (Technique and Drills) 

When you are dancing taxeem in a duet, you have the perfect opportunity to feature the beautiful Flamenco inspired ATS® turns / the Sahra, the Wraparound and the Barrell Turn.  Drill and technique in these turns, as well as the Passing Camel and Passing Torso Rotation.   Find the elegant spirals of gathering tension and releasing energy to create a powerful taxeem duet. 



Saturday, 31 may : "Challenge!!!!"


- 10am/11.30am :


Anita Lalwani only

Being stretched and supple in your hips, chest, and shoulders can dramatically improve your dancing.  This 90-minute energizing yoga sequence will include hip openers, shoulder stretches, and backbending, and is specifically designed to prepare you for maintaining your ATS® posture while dancing, whether you are planning to do floorwork or not.  Anita Lalwani is a certified yoga teacher teaching an athletic vinyasa based style of flowing yoga.  This class is appropriate for all levels and will also provide modifications for dancers with joint problems or injuries.  Bring a yoga mat if you have one.


- 11.30am/1.30pm :

LAYBACKS AND FLOORWORK : "Challenging the Core" (Technique and Drills)

The only way to learn floorwork is to get down on the floor and try it.  In this workshop, we'll review the 4 levels of floorwork and show you our tried and true strategies for preparing to do floorwork successfully.  Steps include:  Standing Layback, Wraparound Floor Variation, Floorwork Fakeout, Mermaid Turn, Berber Walk, Zipper, Petal, and Turkish Drop.  It is highly recommended that you take the morning Yoga workshop if you are planning to practice floorwork.  Please bring kneepads.


- 2.30pm/4.30pm :

FADING AND CIRCLING : "Staying Centered and Alert" (Technique and Drills) 

Fading and circling are both ways to change the lead but as dancers, we don't want to broadcast this information to the audience.   Learn how to seamlessly fade and circle up while still presenting the 'dance' so that even when you are transitioning from one leader/group to the next, you still look like you are dancing.  Learn to troubleshoot issues that arise when the tribe is dancing in a circle, such as body angle, determining who the leader is, and what happens when 2 people take the lead at the same time.


Sunday, 1st of june : "On stage!!!"


- 10am/noon :

CREATE AN ATS® SOLO PERFORMANCE : "Step out of formation and explore the beauty of ATS® solo!"
In this workshop you will learn an ATS® Drum Solo choreography created by Kae Montgomery and learn how to
 create your own ATS® solo performance.


- 1.00pm/3.00pm :

DANCING IN THE ROUND : "Audience Audience, Everywhere" (Technique and Drills)

One of the most challenging and rewarding performance situations is when the audience is all around you.  In this dance-intensive workshop, we will practice dancing in the round, showing you how to effectively present to all sides, use your transitions and formations to change your front plane, and show you how to solve problems while maintaining your composure and your formation!


- 3.30pm/5.30pm :

MUSIC COMPOSITION : "The ATS® Tribe as Instrument"  (Listening, Technique and Drills)

What separates the women from the girls in ATS® dancing is understanding of the music and music composition.  In this workshop, we will show you how to dance to the music, how to choose a step based on the instruments, tempos, and rhythms you identify in the music, and how to 'hit' the points in the music, so your improvisational dance becomes a channel for the music.  Your tribe and the music become one.  We will help you to demonstrate basic elements of music as you dance, such as: cadence, phrasing, tempo, texture and rhythm.






2 hours workshop : 35 euros

1.30 hour workshop : 28 euros

Full Pass (19h30 workshops + entry for the show)) : 290 euros




Espace Roguet

9, rue de Gascogne

31300 Toulouse

Metro Line A : République or Patte d'Oie

Bus n° : 14, 45, 66  République




Inscriptions on Line

"Back to the Roots" LE SHOW

Saturday, 31 mai

9 pm



Espace Roguet

9, rue de Gascogne

31300 Toulouse

Metro Line A : République or Patte d'Oie

Bus n° : 14, 45, 66



15 euros

12 euros











If you want to dance during the show "Back to the Roots #2", thanks to send an email with a short description of your dance background and your choreographic proposition for the show, BEFORE THE 30th of APRIL 2014



The following dance styles are welcome : American tribal Style®, Tribal Fusion BellyDance, Traditional BellyDance, Sharqi and Modern BellyDance and


Tickets on Line
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